Outdoor Training

Outdoor training is an exclusive service of the brand YgarapéTour, the name also refers to entrepreneurship or corporative training and workshop. The development concerns to current trends of human resources management, in which the performance involves a change of places, experiences and challenges; therefore, life vests, carabiners, scuba diving cylinders, rafting inflatable boats, helmets, ropes, wet suits, masks and snorkels become the new office.
Throughout the process, participants are going to be supported by a specialized team; each person is stimulated by means of everydayness situations. This technique has probed excellent results for the enterprises.

The aim or achievement of the exercise is based on the premise of Karl Marx:
“The men is the most precious capital”

Organizational climate needs a continuous improvement, due to social, economic, and demographical changes. Then, the HHRR investment is imperative, it collaborates to motivation and personal development of people and enterprises are largely constituted by them.

The training techniques allows identifying abilities such as: organizational communication, creativity, strategic and operative planning, self-confidence, leadership, motivation, team working skills, business management, and decision-making, among others. The reinforced skills could be adapted to business, organizational issues or restructuring process.

The self-confidence, leadership, team working, business management, decision making, among others, are oriented solutions and skills applyable in organizational, business, and restructuration process.In the case your enterprise has a HHRR ready to work, the outdoor training provides logistics support before and during the activities, with professionalism and security; full conditioned stage, support staff composed of psychologist, filmation and photograph equipment, certified guides, hotel´s reservation with exclusive prices, terrestrial or air transportation logistics, and trip’s reservations.

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